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We all have the capacity to be mindful—we just don’t do it often. Mindfulness is paying attention in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment and doing so without getting caught up in the dialogue in our heads. This can be hard to do as we live busy lives and we live in stressful times. It’s the age of instant communication where everything seems to need our immediate attention. We get bombarded with emails, texts, phone calls and other demands which can put considerable pressure upon us. It leads to overthinking, thoughts about yesterday and planning for tomorrow. Where we focus on the past and the future and so don’t pay attention to the present or the task at hand. Doing this constantly is not good for us.

Mindfulness is an effective way of relieving the stress of our busy lives as it enhances our focus and builds a sense of wellbeing. It has become mainstream, and is being adopted by the corporate world, the medical community and by private individuals interested in improving their mental and physical health. Research tells us that being mindful of the present moment is a way of stepping out of our mind clutter and brings focus to what we are doing, thinking, and feeling in the moment. This helps us to manage our stressors. It’s a skill, its mind training, used to help us slow down our thoughts by paying attention to the things going on around us.

Our courses help you to respond to the stressors in life in a calm and creative manner, by finding new ways of responding. We teach you to become more aware of your thoughts and feelings, so that instead of being overwhelmed by them and you are better able to manage them. Our courses can help people to have an understanding of their emotions, boost their focus and concentration and even improve their relationships. All of our courses are based on a strong theoretical framework, but are very practical. You will be supported in your learning through skilled instruction, practice, guided reflection and audio links.

Everyday Mindfulness

Courses We offer

EMS offers a range of Mindfulness based courses for health and wellbeing. They are designed to support sustainable change and build participants resilience to stress. Our courses and strategies are offered in an easily assessable way and draw on the latest scientific research from the fields of Neuroscience. Courses guide participants in how to apply their learning to everyday life, to manage what is painful and difficult, but also to be kinder and compassionate to themselves. Our courses support people to work with challenges, including recurring patterns of thought and behaviour that create suffering, but also to manage life’s stressors so they can enjoy life more

Everyday Mindfulness

We run several courses which are all built on the classic Mindful Based Stress Reduction Programme (MBSR), they were initially developed at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, by Jon Kabat-Zinn. We are able to customize our training to suit your needs and can offer a variety of experiences such as short taster sessions, or longer tasters for staff development days or our 4-week introduction course, (MBIC) and the 8-week MBSR. We can deliver our MBIC over 2 half days and many people use them as part of their CPD. See our video link for feedback . All our courses contain guided mindfulness practices that are tailored to your work or education environment. They are structured, focused and practical, with participants being supported in their learning through skilled instruction, mindfulness practices, guided reflection and course information. We can come to you to provide in-house courses for your organisations. We are flexible in our approach to mindfulness at the workplace, and we are happy to discuss creative solutions for a course that is tailored to your needs.



There are many challenges in the workplace such as dealing with demanding customers, collaborating under high pressure, and managing scare resources often leads to work related stress.. This can result in higher rates of staff turnover and absenteeism. An increasing number of companies recognizes the benefits of mindfulness for their employee’s productiveness, resilience and well-being. Many employers are more aware of their responsibility for the health and wellbeing of their staff, and are keen to provide training in practices such as mindfulness, which are excellent for reducing stress as well as increasing overall wellbeing. Mindfulness has the added benefits of making it easier to focus and concentrate on the task at hand, as well as improving self-awareness and emotional-intelligence and therefore communication and relationships with fellow colleagues is improved.

Everyday Mindfulness

Please contact us for more information about the following:

  • The MBSR - Is our classic 8-week course and consists of the “mindfulness-based stress reduction programme (MBSR). The course consists of 8 weekly meetings of 2-hours each class and has audio links and home practice to further develop the skills learnt in each session.
  • The MBIC – Our Mindfulness Introduction Course, consists of 4 weekly sessions, with and audio link and home practice further develop the skills learnt in each session.
  • Taster sessions – introduction to the concepts of mindfulness and some noticing practices.
  • One-to-One Courses - We offer one-to-one tuition and it can be offered over zoom or face-to-face in our Ardrossan office. We include audio links and home practice to further develop the skills learnt in each session

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