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Just Breathe

surrender to what is
let go of what was
have faith in what will be

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The Mindful Way

Our courses improve wellbeing, reduce stress and calm the mind

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We no longer have face-to-face classes as we are not based in Irvine anymore. We work online through zoom, please contact me for more details.

What Is Mindfulness


Our modern-day world leads us to juggle many demands and multi-tasking and this can make our minds race around at incredible speed. Mindfulness is a way of slowing us down and paying attention to whatever is happening in our lives, inside and out, in our internal (thoughts and feelings) and in our external world. It’s a practice involving paying attention to what is happening- as it’s happening.

It’s about coming off the auto-pilot and training ourselves to pay close attention to what is going on right now, in the present moment. When we spend a lot of our time lost in thought, lost in our internal world, our stress levels can increase, as well as many of our difficult feelings and emotions. This kicks in our flight and fight mode and when we are constantly in this mode it changes our emotional wellness. When we are mindful, we become more aware of this and can explore our habitual thought patterns and ways of reacting and begin to promote our wellbeing.

Mindfulness helps us to learn effective ways of managing and maintaining resilience to life’s stressors. We all need to look after ourselves and many of us pay less attention to our mental wellbeing than we do to our physical wellness. Mindfulness puts the management of our emotional health back in our own hands. It’s like going to the gym for our mind, its mind training and it gives us the power to change our mindset. It’s an approach which boosts our immune system, improves our sleep, enhances our creativity, and enables us to understand ourselves better and change from the inside out.
Stress Relief
We support people to learn effective ways of managing their day-to-day stress and deal with associated feelings of being overwhelmed. This could include, work related stress or pressure of caring or study commitments. Research has demonstrated that by being mindful we can learn coping strategies to stress which counteracting it. These strategies can give us space to pull back from our thoughts and so we are more likely to respond wisely instead of reacting and stepping back gives us breathing space and greater balance. This in turn helps, enhances memory, concentration, reduces our anger and helps us communicate effectively and build better relationships.
Promoting Resilience
We believe everyone has the innate quality for mindfulness within them and the capacity to live well regardless of circumstances. Mindfulness can improve our resilience and build capacity to respond effectively in challenging and uncertain situations. Our courses support individuals to incorporate it in their everyday life in a meaningful way, amidst busy work, study and family commitments.

A Little About Us

Everyday Mindfulness Scotland, (EMS) aims to promote the emotional and physical wellbeing of all those we encounter

By offering a range of services such as mindfulness, counselling and yoga. Our goal is to help individuals manage the stresses of everyday life, by incorporating the benefits of these practices into daily life.

Our intention is to make you feel good and help you maintain your physical, and emotional health, by the means that suits you best, so that you can gain more balance and feel able to cope with whatever life throws at you. Courses are offered to organisations, and individuals in a way that they can incorporate mindfulness meaningfully into daily life.

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Skills We're Good At

Reducing Stress 85%
Improving Wellbeing 85%
Calming the Mind 90%
Helping you to enjoy life more fully 87%

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