Mindfulness Based Approach to Caring (MBAC): Training for Trainers

A course for professionals who wish to offer mindfulness based interventions to their clients or colleagues. You should have completed the MBSR/MBCT/MinEL or equivalent and have begun to develop your own personal mindfulness practice.  If you are in any doubt if you meet the criteria, please contact us.  Please note: Completion of this course is NOT a qualification to teach the MBSR or MBCT.

COURSES IN 2018 dates to be confirmed

Dates:  TBC

Venue: TBC

Cost:     TBC

Course fee includes: Accomodation and meals, course materials,  access to the tutor for support with teaching the course for one year. 

We have delivered this course every year since 2013.  Participants feedback has been most encouraging:

'This was one of the most prepared and informative training courses that I have attended. I felt very comfortable throughout the two days, even when it came to having to lead meditations for the first time. Jeannie was clearly a very well informed and practiced trainer and her passion for the effectiveness of Mindfulness was catching. I look forward to immersing myself in the practice and trying my best to roll it out to as many willing volunteers as possible.'

'I've rated the course very highly because this is how I genuinely felt about it. I came looking for lots of answers and then discovered it’s not about that. I realised that I'm not the fraud that I thought I was and I think that I only discovered this because of the way in which the course was delivered. I don't think that this is an easy thing to convey but takes great skill to allow us to discover this for ourselves. I though that I would take a few days to get truly into mindfulness practice after the course but the opposite has happened, I'm doing more and feel more genuine about my practice and leading my own at times, letting go of relying on modern technology for this. I feel more confident about teaching the practice to others now due to feeling more genuine.'

'The thoughtfulness and organisation of the course created a perfect opportunity to learn. I am most grateful for the lovely course material provided. The small groups worked really well - offering a safe environment and lots of support.  I wondered how I would respond to the quiet period following dinner, however I found this period to be particularly rewarding and will make an effort to create quiet time for myself. Found that some of the time allocated to the small group practice to be longer than the group required to complete the task, however the information shared in this time was extremely helpful and valued. Reflecting on our 2 days has left me with feelings of contentment and excitement to share practices of mindfulness. Thank you for all the support. This experience is very special and I hope to have many opportunities to practice mindfulness in groups.'

'This course was excellent! The setting the people the material and the facilitator could not have been better. I gained so much personally and professionally from having taken this course and would highly recommend it to anyone. I can honestly say it was the best course I have ever been involved with.'

'The accommodation was fantastic - relaxing, lovely places to walk mindfully, beautiful interior, warm cosy open fire where we could come together.  The group bonded quickly and the warmth of that fellowship stayed with me after I left.' 

 'The thought and attention to detail put into the whole course experience was very impressive and inspiring. With such an obvious wealth of knowledge I would have liked to hear more from Jeannie herself, but it was an invaluable experience to receive feedback from peers. I felt very fortunate that my group were so supportive and constructive. It was an beautiful, ideal venue.  Jeannie made everyone so welcome and was kind, supportive, encouraging...and good fun ! I would certainly recommend to colleagues/friends. I also certainly hope to attend future events and look forward to that. Many thanks for the opportunity to have experienced two wonderful days.'

'Extremely skilled tutoring of an excellent course.  I fetl safe, but also challenged appropriately!  There was an good balance between practical issues in teaching and the deeper aspects. I am now both more confident of my mindfulness teaching but also more aware of how much more I need to learn - if that makes sense! ' 

'The way the process of inquiry was taught was so helpful.  I have avoided this in the past as it scared me, but now I feel more grounded in my practice and therefore more able to enter into the process.' 

'I enjoyed the course immensely, the venue, the pace and structure of the whole experience was excellent. If I had to offer some constructive feedback I would have appreciated more time with Jeannie in the smaller group setting, as I feel this would have given more opportunity to practice and to develop our own skills and confidence with each aspect of the teaching practice.  On the whole it was a very enjoyable experience. Thank You for the opportunity and for choosing such a wonderful location, you made every effort to ensure everyone was comfortable, made welcome and included at all times. Well done!.' 

'This was an excellent course. I learned a great deal and felt nurtured by the trainer and the other course participants. It was a very positive learning experience.  It is the first course I have attended where I truly felt that everyone was equal and that there was no one trying to express that they were in some way more capable/experienced than other people. I think that this may have been because the trainer set the tone by talking candidly about her concerns prior to giving the course .. The course materials are also excellent. The venue was incredible I felt very pampered !!