MBAC Trainers Refresher Day

This is a refresher one-day course for those who have taken our Training for Trainer’s Course (MBAC). Our Mindfulness Based Approach to Caring, Training for Trainers course, is usually taken by professionals who wish to offer mindfulness based interventions to their clients or colleagues. However, sometimes the opportunity to run the MBAC course directly after the training doesn’t happen, therefore this course is offered to those who may want to refresh their training or perhaps for those just looking for some CPD regarding the training they have delivered. Either way the Teacher Trainer Refresher Day can be taken to remind you of the course content and to help you build your confidence to establish your knowledge and motivate you to get you started in delivering the course. The day will aid you to develop your own personal mindfulness practice and refresh and build self-assurance in your teaching practice as it's delivered in a small group learning environment.

We will support your development by reviewing the course materials and practices learned and we will give you opportunity to experience some mindful movement practice that you can safely use with the classes you teach. We will explore ways to help you deepen your person practice, and offer a question and answer session and materials to aid you in teaching the course.

Sunday 5th November 2017 -10 am – 4 pm

Venue: In the Moment, Movement and Wellbeing Centre 74 Berkley Street, Glasgow, G3 7DS

Cost is £90

Tutor Jeannie Mackenzie

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Master class in the inquiry process for teachers of mindfulness.

This masterclass is for those who have trained to teach the MBSR or the MBAC and wish to develop their ability to facilitate fruitful and safe inquiry. The inquiry process is central to the teaching of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness Approach to Caring (MBAC), yet most teachers of mindfulness find it a challenging aspect of their work.  

Within the safe and supportive context of this masterclass, we learn more about the theory and the purpose of the inquiry process, and practice the skills in small groups with peer and tutor feedback.